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If I had to be an item of jewellery it would be the Angler necklace from Abel, a jewellery line designed and manufactured by Kelsey Lim.

I’m not sure what universe we would have to be in where humans could choose to turn into pieces of jewellery, but you get the idea.

Angler necklace

Simple handmade jewellery

Each piece by Abel is thoughtfully created and designed to last a lifetime. There are no seasonal collections, just individual jewellery pieces that are beautifully simple and unique.

The phrase ‘less is more’ comes to mind when I see Kelsey’s work. I often think doing one thing really well is better than trying to do everything and losing focus. The Angler Necklace took a year to create, which shows how much time and care go into each piece.

Delicate designs

Everything at Abel is considered. Pieces like the Side Set Ring and the Tilt Signet Ring are unique takes on items of jewellery we know so well. The Side Set Ring has a small diamond set on the side of the ring instead of on top of it. The face of the Tilt Signet Ring is ever so slightly skewed – not what you’d expect when you look closely. The Pin Earring is also a simple but very effective design. There’s no need for earring backs because each earring is bent at both ends leaving the earring to sit lightly in your ear. You can also slide it through your ear and wear the earrings with the opening facing forward or back.

Follow Abel on Instagram – it’s one of the most beautiful feeds I’ve seen in a long time. To look at each piece in detail go to the Abel website, who knows you may add something to the shopping cart.

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