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Sara Kramer, owner of Kano jewellery grew up exploring her Mum’s jewellery box. It’s not surprising then, that she now makes jewellery using a range of exciting materials and colours.

An early start to jewellery making

When Sara was only 15, she started working for a jeweller called Vanessa Frisbee. This experience helped Sara learn things about jewellery that most jewellers learn much later on in their careers.

Sara went on to study a fine arts degree but was drawn back to the jewellery bench eventually. She now creates her own designs at her studio in Norwich in the UK. She works in a variety of materials like:

  • polymer clay

  • precious metals

  • wood

  • resin.

Her simple designs paired with vibrant colours and shapes make Sara’a jewellery hard to miss.

The love of the classics

Sara’s work is inspired by history and the classics. The shapes and colours of times gone by feed into her contemporary designs. The delights of historical artefacts and architecture all play a part in the final product.

Her latest obsession is the Renaissance and Medieval art. The brutal nature and the religious motifs allow Sara to make something new but inspired by something old.

The creative process

The bright colours and interesting shapes are why I was drawn to Sara’s work. I’m always interested to know how jewellers get to their final product.

I asked her if she sketches her designs out first, or creates them while at the bench. She said:

Sometimes ideas come from sketching and sometimes they just come from sitting and making a physical product.
I tend to lean towards making stuff on a whim... but as of recent I have made stuff and then gone on to develop the form and finish of the first product in sketches, which is what I have found works best for me.”

I find Sara’s work versatile and free. Her use of polymer clay allows her to twist and bend beautiful shapes, all with a touch of colour!

I especially love the earrings with the hand drawn patterns. There’s something very Picasso about them - simple but eye catching!

What's next for Kano?

Sara is currently working on a new collection made from metal and clay. The thought of putting together polymer clay and shiny metal is really exciting and it’s a good thing Sara’s favourite material to work in is silver.

I think this means we can expect some exciting things from Sara and her jewellery line Kano very soon. She’ll also be launching her new website where all her work will be available to admire.

Find out more about Sara by following her on Instagram – @kano.kano.shop or browse her website (which will soon be updated).

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