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Aisegul Telli

“[Jewellery] is a statement. A way to show who you are. It gives clues of your personality. It may be emotional, rational or political - what stirs your mind the most.” – Aisegul Telli, jewellery artist

Coral brooch

The natural and colourful forms of coral reefs inspire Aisegul Telli’s jewellery. People often ask her if she makes her jewellery from real pieces of coral. As realistic as her pieces are, they are entirely crafted by hand.

Lost wax casting

Aisegull uses the lost wax casting technique to carve and cast her shapes in metal. Lost wax casting involves a few steps:

  1. You carve a shape out of wax by hand or design a shape on a computer and print it with a 3D printer – known as computer aided design or CAD.

  2. The shape is covered with heat resistant plaster that sets around your wax shape.

  3. The plaster mould is put into a kiln at a high temperature to harden and the wax melts out leaving the negative space of your shape.

  4. Once the plaster mould is hard, you can heat and pour metal into the mould and it will fill into the negative space.

  5. The plaster is then washed away leaving a perfect replica of your shape in metal instead of wax.

Resin and glass come alive

Aisegul uses brass, silver and gold for her coral like shapes. After casting she applies colourful resin and tiny glass balls to her coral shapes.

The resin and metal work together to make each piece sparkle like a piece of coral does when the sun’s rays reaches through the water. The glass also creates the realistic, imperfect texture of coral.

Undersurface jewellery collection

Aisegul’s collection, Undersurface, shows the majestic beauty of what lies under the water. She’s brought the ocean’s natural beauty to the surface for everyone to marvel at.

I’m always fascinated by what nature can produce naturally, Aisegul’s work is a wonderful reminder of what’s all around us. Her work is definitely on my top five most wanted jewellery pieces.

If you would like to see Aisegul’s work – and you’re in France – she’s taking part in a group exhibition called Broken Beauty. The exhibition is at the Alliages Gallery in Lille, France and runs until 15 February 2020. Follow Aisegul on Instagram @aisegultellijewelry or visit her website at aisegultelli.com to soak in more of her work.

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