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Anna Johnson

Anna Johnson’s work caught my eye because of the interesting shapes and colours. Her work looks like it comes straight from nature. Almost like it’s a growing, living object.

Anna is a jewellery designer based in Asheville, North Carolina. She uses a range of materials and found objects in her work which creates the most unique shapes.

Jewellery using mixed materials

The materials Anna uses in her work include:

  • Found objects

  • Semi precious and precious stones

  • Animal bones, all found in nature from deceased animals in their natural state.

The type of stones she uses have names I’ve never heard of. Stones like wulfenite - which is a type of orange/yellow crystal, peach calcite, and green kyanite.

All of these stones are combined with silver and bronze metal that’s cast into the shape of plants, twigs or vines.

Jewellery inspired by nature

Anna’s work aims to highlight the value of nature. She uses jewellery - something considered very precious - to mimic forms of nature.

The forms are recognizable as plants, but when they’re combined with interesting stones and animal bones, they present nature in an unexpected way.

When someone wears her pieces, it’s a reminder to protect our relationship with nature. As humans, we cannot, and should not, live without it.

Jewellery worth protecting

I love the unpredictable and natural forms and delicate feeling of each jewellery piece.

Anna combines the different elements together in such a way that they become a beautiful object that’s certainly worth looking after. Find out more about Anna on her website or follow her on Instagram – @annajohnsonjewelry.

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