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Contemporary jewellery pushes people to reconsider what jewellery can be. Megumi and Nobuyuki Jin make jewellery out of glass and use very little metal – a traditional jewellery material since the beginning of time.

Their jewellery brand called bubun explores the connection between a piece of jewellery, the jewellery piece on the body and the body in the universe.

Glass jewellery

The pair create small individual glass shapes and connect them with fine, clear sting. This makes the entire jewellery piece flexible when on the body.

The earrings in particular allow you to place the pins anywhere in between the glass shapes so that you can customise your pieces to your taste.

Jewellery changing colour

Each piece is transparent and takes on the colour of your skin when you wear it. I love this versatility. Everyone has different skin tones and features so each bubun piece will take on a unique look for each wearer.

Adapting to the environment

Some of the larger pieces also take on the colour of your surroundings. So no matter where you are in the universe your jewellery piece will be unique.

The subtlety of bubun’s work is what I love most. The delicate, transparent pieces blend in with the wearer’s skin and environment and almost become one.

Find out more about bubun on their website or follow them on Instagram – @bubun.works.

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