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Carly Owens

It’s hard to take your eyes off Carly Owens’ jewellery (excuse the pun). Maybe that’s her intention with creating large earrings and brooches in the shape of human eyes.

What fascinates me about Carly’s work is that she doesn’t use traditional jewellery techniques. Instead, she uses hand embroidery and needlework to make her vibrant pieces.

Hand embroidered eye earrings

Blurring the boundary between jewellery and fashion

I’ve always loved the details and intense work of embroidery in fashion design. The painstaking work often reminds me of the same level of detail a jeweller uses to create their pieces in metal.

Carly studied Art and Design (Fibers and Surface Design) and North Carolina State University in the US. She also worked as a couture embroidery intern for the fashion label, Marchesa, in New York.

Carly now uses her skills to create small works of art in the form of jewellery. The colourful beads and golden thread in each piece glimmer like precious stones and metal.

Whimsical jewellery art

The dominant design of Carly’s work is a human eye. Each piece is made by hand embroidering beads of different colours. Some eyes are bright green, some blue and some have the most magnificent pearl eyelashes.

Beaded green eye earrings

Each earring or brooch is a labour of love and highlights the beauty of something that’s handcrafted from beginning to end.

She also does other facial features, like red lips (with a sassy gold tooth) and a single tooth brooch. All of her pieces are playful and really grab your attention.

Find out more about Carly by following her on Instagram – @carlyowensembroidery or get a pair of your own eyes on her website.

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