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Emmeline Hastings

You could look at Emmeline Hastings’ jewellery for hours and you would keep seeing new patterns and colours from every angle.

Murmur cuff

Emmeline is based in Bristol, UK, and her work has been part of exhibitions all over the world. She’s developed her own technique to create her jewellery and each piece blurs the lines between jewellery and sculpture.

Hand-carving and unexpected pairings

Emmeline’s work is made up of acrylic resin and precious metals including:

  • Rose gold

  • Sterling silver

  • White gold

  • Yellow gold.

She hand carves each piece of acrylic resin at her jewellery bench and then attaches small pieces of metal that layer over each other. The result is a shimmering, miniature sculpture that almost looks like soft feathers.

When I look at her work for a long time, I start to forget it’s even jewellery.

The individual pieces of metal cascade in colours from dark to light or from black to gold and I begin to think I’m looking at something from nature. A beautiful insect or something from the sea.

Miniature sculptures

Emmeline has a background in sculpture making, which allows her to carve intricate shapes and forms out of acrylic resin.

She uses a jewellery tool called a pendant drill. This tool comes with hundreds of different attachments like:

  • Burs

  • Drills

  • Polishing brushes

  • Sanding wheels.

This allows Emmeline to carve, cut, sand and form different shapes in the resin by hand. The attachments of the drill are tiny so you can get a fine level of detail on a small surface or object.

Shaded tones of metal

My favourite part of Emmeline’s work is the way she uses different shades of metal across her pieces.

She creates this by oxidising some of the small pieces of silver to get the dark or black colour. For each layer she then uses lighter and lighter shades until the pieces are in their natural silver, gold or rose gold colour.

Clear drop earrings

The effect makes her work look like it’s a living, breathing object. You can’t help feeling like you want to run your fingers over it or pick it up to examine it closely.

Emmeline has perfected this technique over many years and keeps coming up with surprising new forms and combinations. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Emmeline says, “[all] of my work shares an ephemeral quality while being eminently wearable. I create mysterious miniature landscapes through a unique visual language.
I hope to make associations with varying natural phenomenon through this individual making process.” - Emmeline Hastings, from AME Gallery, Hong Kong

Find out more about Emmeline by following her on Instagram – @emmelinehastings or visit her website to see more of her beautiful jewellery objects.

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