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Lore Langendries

When I first saw Lore Langendries’ jewellery I couldn’t figure out what the pieces were made of. One thing I did know was that I really wanted to touch them and know what they felt like.

Lore is a jeweller from Belgium. Her work explores how we’re living in an increasingly digital world. As we download more apps and connect with more people online, we’re losing the sense of a physical and emotional connection.

Yet, the more we lose this connection, the more we long for it.

Tactile jewellery

It seems like a strange concept to wear a furry piece of jewellery. But when you see the simple beauty of Lore’s work, you can’t help but be drawn to it.

Lore works with animal hide like Roe Deer (a small deer found mostly in Europe), Springbok (a type of antelope found in South Africa) and Reindeer. She uses the hide as the surface for each jewellery item.

The pieces themselves are simple geometric shapes like circles, ovals or oblong rectangles. She then shaves and cuts the hair to reveal new surfaces, textures and shapes. The smooth, natural texture of the hides makes you want to run your hands over the surface again and again.

Creating new surfaces with hair

Some parts are cut incredibly short, while other parts are left quite long. Some parts flow with the natural direction of the hair, while other parts flow against it.

I particularly love how the long and short hair on a piece creates shadows across the surface. You can see this particularly well on the lighter colours.

The simplicity of the work is what makes this jewellery so appealing. There’s no glitz or glam, but there’s a sense of refined workmanship that makes you appreciate the beauty Lore has achieved with natural materials.

A reminder to connect with others

Lore’s work is a beautiful reminder that in a digital, highly visual world we need to make time to connect with our other senses like touching and feeling. To help with this, each piece comes with a comb. The comb encourages you to look after your jewellery, to interact with it and to cherish it.

If I wore one of Lore’s brooches, it would remind me to take a step back and remember to look at things from a different perspective. It would also remind me to take a break from my mobile that’s never too far away.

Find out more about Lore Langendries on her website or follow her on Instagram – @lore_langendries.

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