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Miruna Belicovici

Miruna is a jewellery designer based in Bucharest, Romania. She explores the beauty of imperfections in her jewellery.

Delight collection earrings

In jewellery design, we often try and reach perfection - like the perfectly set ring, the perfectly polished bangle and the perfectly balanced earrings.

But sometimes, it’s the things that happen naturally, or even by mistake, that make a piece of jewellery interesting.

The imperfections of Miruna Bellicovici’s work is what makes it so beautiful and eye catching.

Wabi-sabi jewellery

Miruna explores ideas of wabi-sabi, a Japanese aesthetic that centers around the acceptance that there’s beauty in the imperfect, the fleeting, and incomplete.

Her work has a sense of rawness and it’s hard not to take a moment to explore what it’s about.

Her wabi-sabi brooch is a delicate, and imperfect piece with the most beautiful Aragonite crystal set in the centre. Miruna says that “she enjoyed making each of its imperfections.”

The brooch is perfectly set with 3 gold claws and surrounded by a silver frame. Some of the frame looks as though it’s melted or broken away.

Miruna has allowed the brooch to be perfect, as well as imperfect where it needs to be. This is what makes the overall piece so unique.

The delight of being yourself

In her Delight collection, Miruna explores the delight of just being yourself. One of the pieces is a ring made from bronze and naturally formed organic resin.

The resin is a fiery orange and red colour and the shape of it even looks like an erupting flame. The ring encourages its wearer to delight in their own, unique fiery light. To be themselves, always.

Recently I’ve come across many jewellers working in bronze. When polished, it looks almost like gold but there’s an almost coppery hue that gives it an earthy feel. It’s definitely a metal to keep an eye on.

Oceans of Love exhibition

Another piece that caught my eye is a ring that’s part of a 4 piece capsule collection. The collection is called Antagonism, facets of love collection.

Again, Miruna has used naturally formed plastic in the most fantastic green colour. The plastic is set in a ring of copper that looks like it’s almost burnt.

The vivid green reminds me of the sea. It seems fitting that the exhibition it’s made for is called ‘Oceans of love’, curated by Place of display for Romanian jewellery week.

Place of display is a platform to make it easier for people to access contemporary jewellery, art and design. It’s based in Romania, and I can tell you, I’ve already spotted a few interesting jewellery designers on their website.

Back to the sea-green ring... Love is antagonistic and can feel like a big ocean full of mystery. It can delight, and it can bring pain and beauty. That’s what this ring means to me at least.

Process of antagonisim ring

I’m certainly in love with the green colours and the organic shape that’s swirling out of the copper setting. Find out more about Miruna by following her on Instagram – @mirunabelicovici

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