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We Dream In Colour

We Dream In Colour popped up on my Instagram in an ad – sometimes they do get it right. The vibrant green colours caught my attention and I wanted to find out how the designer achieved that effect on metal.

Founder, Jade Gedeon and her team of all women jewellers assemble the jewellery by hand in Salem, Massachusetts. Most of the jewellery is made from recycled brass and with over 700 styles, there’s something for everyone in Jade’s treasure chest of jewellery. What caught my eye is the beautiful combination of the golden brass with the bright greens and blues on some of the pieces.

Verdigris patina

Once each shape is formed, its dipped in a verdigris patina. Verdigris is a green patina – a thin green or brown layer – that forms naturally on copper, brass or bronze when exposed to air or sea water. The Statue of Liberty gets its green ‘verdigris’ colour from this same process.

Hand painted jewellery

Some of the jewellery pieces are left with this simple verdigris patina. Others become more vibrant by getting extra layers of paint.

The Handpainted Motmot earrings are a fabulous example. Each bird is hand painted with blues, purples and greens. It would be impossible to blend into the crowd with these birds of paradise on your ears.

Founder and designer

Jade Gedeon is inspired by her family’s nomadic lifestyle and her upbringing in Trinidad, Caribbean. She’s lived in many places across the world and all these cultures inspire her work today.

Explore her Tabago Tropic collection – my personal favourite – to add a little lushness to your jewellery box.

Samoa earrings

Explore the We Dream In Colour collections on their website or follow them on Instagram on @wedreamincolour or Facebook. All image rights belong to Jade Gedeon and are from the We Dream In Colour website.

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