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Wsake is a father-daughter team from Regensburg, a small town in Bavaria, Germany. Waldemar is a silversmith with over 50 years experience. His daughter, Anna, studied graphic design but grew up working in her father’s studio and decided to join him after her studies.

Down Under Guys

Toast and milk

Toast + Big Eyes are necklaces made of brass cut into the shape of toast with eyes and a mouth, literally. Another piece is called Udder bag,’ a gold plated necklace in the shape of a bag with cow ‘udders’ at the bottom.

Hanging from the bottom of one udder, is a small silver piece in the shape of a drop of milk. The necklace is quite beautiful even though it’s inspired by leaking cow udders.

Toast + Big Eyes

Udder Bag

Creative freedom

What I love about Wsake’s work is their freedom to experiment and take inspiration from anything that catches their attention. I’ve struggled a lot with making pieces that I think people want. Regardless of how I feel about making them - which is usually quite detached. I don’t think Wsake is concerned about if people will like their pieces or not. They have a vast collection exploring many different ideas like worms, trees, animals and the sun. They have also ventured into creating items that aren’t jewellery such as a watering can and an advent wreath.

Advent Wreath

Long silver earrings

Their freedom to create is exciting and I find myself going to their instagram or website a lot to see if there’s anything new. My favourite pieces are the Long Silver Ear Rings,’ each one is delicately put together with thin silver wire finishing in an interesting shape at the bottom. No two are the same, who ever said earrings need to match anyway.

Find out more about Anna and her father’s work on their website Wsake or follow Anna on Instagram @annawsake or Facebook. All image rights belong to Anna Artman and are from the Wsake website.

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